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Must Try Summer Hair Colors

After that long winter, the nice weather is finally here, and the official start of summer is among us; with the warm weather, we’re going to go over some of the “must try” hair colors this summer that will help you standout!

Honey Blonds:

For those of you who have dark blond or light brown hair, you might want to try a honey hue color, to help maintain that natural hair of yours. This honey hue, in combination with scattering highlights to create depth at the looks, will create a youthful and flattering look for your hair!

Red Heads:

This summer’s go to red color is an eye pop bold, with a light hue. When you’re going red, you can choose between a shade of copper or blue undertones; choosing blue undertones will provides a much more vibrant look. If you’re choosing a blue based color, be sure to limit the highlights, so the blue can take center stage.


This season is all about those rich singular colored shades, mixed with a light contrast, similar to that of Kate Middleton; avoid highlighting your roots!

These are just some of the “in” colors this summer; for more information about our coloring services, please feel free to give Salon De Beauty a call at 781-340-4494.

Salon De Beauty always accepts walk-ins, no appointments are necessary! But you’re always more than welcome to schedule an appointment with one of our fine hair stylists. We are located in Weymouth MA, and have been serving the South Shore for over ten years now! We are looking forward to helping you keep up with the latest summer trends!

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