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The Perfect Haircut For Your Face Shape

Not sure on what hairstyle to choose for your next haircut? Need help deciding what looks best on you? A new haircut should always help minimize non-pleasing attributes on a person’s face and compliment positive ones, to bring perspective to the overall shape. Here are some tips to help you choose the most ideal hairstyle for your face frame!

-Round Face: Avoid haircuts that will have your face look rounder. Short curly or wavy hair is not idea for those who have round faces but should opt for a cut right below the chin or longer instead. However if you have straight, wavy or fine hair and want to go short, go all the way and get a petite pixie cut. This cut will downplay the roundness because the choppy edges up top enhances height, lengthens your face and focuses more on your eyes.

-Square Face: Play down your strong, angular jawline with texture. Try some curls or choppy ends to give your hair more texture and bring out your features. A short layered bob with subtle bangs will put emphasis on your cheekbones and not your jaw. If you want to keep your hair long, keep it really straight or add waves from the ear down which will give a timeless look while hiding any severity in the jawline.

-Oval Face: This face shape tends to look good in any hair style but your face can appear long with the wrong cut! Try not to add height on the top of the head with a huge doughnut bun, teased and poufy up-dos, or spiky short cuts. Always think about your hair texture, if you have thick or curly hair stay away from blunt cuts. Having a center part with shoulder length hair with soft waves will look great with your oval face and create a romantic effect.

-Heart-shaped face: Get a haircut that will highlight your eyes and cheekbones and not your cheeks.  A collarbone-length crop with side swept bangs and uniform layers would look amazing on heart shaped faces. You can go for a more dramatic look try long layers and full blunt bangs. If you want to try something different, go for a pixie cut that’s evenly cut on the sides with short layers on top!

-Long Face: Try long layers that hits the cheekbone and the chin but avoid having long hair. Long hair on long faces tends to drag the face down but if you make your hair wavy, it will add width to the side of your face creating better proportions. An angular bob with layers (up to chin length) will frame your face beautifully and give an edgy-chic feel.

With these simple tips, make an appointment today with Salon de Beauty by calling us at 781-340-4494 so we can help you create the fabulous new look you want!

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