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Tame Your Hair!

Has your hair become frizzy, thick, dry and just an unmanageable mess recently after the summer? Luckily there’s a way to fix your damaged hair at Salon De Beauty for the coming seasons! With our Juvexin smoothing treatment our professional hairstylists can help you get the shiny, silky hair you always had or wanted!

Juvexin is a revolutionary hair care development that is derived of a special blend of proteins and peptides from sheep’s wool developed to protect and repair the properties in your hair that makes it frizz-free, healthy and vibrant. The Juvexin protein is similar to keratin, the protein found in human hair, allowing hair to be stronger and healthier after a Juvexin smoothing treatment. The process is simple but takes a bit of time to complete. First, you would get your hair washed with clarifying shampoo to remove any residue or product build-up in your hair. Next, your hairstylist would apply the hair taming product to wet hair, blow dry, and then flat iron your now dry hair. Since the Juvexin treatment is heat activated it is important that heat is utilized to your hair. It is recommended to not wash your hair for at least 48 hours so the treatment can settle in.  The Juvexin smoothing treatment will not permanently change the structure of your hair lasting about two to four months.

The treatment will eventually fade over time but with continuous use, you will have beautiful, silky hair that is hassle-free! Call Salon De Beauty at 781-340-4494 today for our amazing Juvexin smoothing treatment!

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