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Summer Hair Repair Tips

During the summer, we are told by our doctors to protect our skin from harmful UV rays, and that is great advice! But one thing we tend to forget is our hair; we forget to protect our hair!

Summer is a time where you can enjoy the sun, beach, ocean and water; but all that fun in the sun can really do some damage to your hair, especially from salt water, chlorine, and not to mention that extra bit of chemical streaks you add for style. Experts say that by the end of the summer your hair gets so dehydrated that it looks and feels fried.

From all that damage from the sun, chlorine and salt water, you hair gets so dry, that it becomes frizzy, unmanageable, can take longer to dry, and you may even have trouble curling or styling your hair.

How do you repair this damage? Like anything in life, repairing damaged hair can be very difficult. The first mistake people make is turning to styling products like gel and mousse; but when hair is already damaged, these products can make your hair look and feel worse.

The first step is to buy a salon-quality moisturizing shampoo, rinse out conditioner and leave in conditioner to replenish your hair and scalp.

Also, turn away from products that have nasty chemicals; you should rely on products that are natural products, like botanicals and natural oils.

When styling your hair, what products should you use? Well, the rule of thumb is that if your hair is already damaged, you should use less products; the hotter the tool the more damage it causes your hair. If you’re blow drying, use the cool button to keep the outside layer of your hair as smooth as possible.

Hopefully these tips help you to replenish your hair for the fall season! If you have any questions about our replenishing products, please give Salon De Beauty a call at 781-340-4494.

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