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Signs You Need Your Hair Cut
Hair Cut

Hair CutLife gets busy and making hair appointments for every 6-weeks sometimes just isn’t feasible. When a woman gets a haircut, it’s usually because one of two reasons – A. You no longer recognize yourself and you’re stuck with wearing your hair in a messy bun on top of your head every single day or B. Something major has happened in your life. To help your hair stay healthier and grow faster, it is important to get regular haircuts but if you put them off, your hair is going to suffer. If you notice these 5 things, it’s time to make an appointment for a haircut.

1. The ends are split and dry. Take a small section of your hair and twist it to easily spot split ends. Once twisted, the split ends and strands will stick out from the rest of your hair.

2. Bad hair days are replacing good ones. No one wants a bad hair day, but they happen frequently when it’s time for a cut. Have you been styling your hair the same way and using the same products you always use but it’s bad hair day after bad hair day? It’s time for a reshape!

3. Your hair gets tangled all the time. Dry, damaged hair tends to get tangled more easily than fresh, healthy hair. Try to limit the tugging because it will further damage your hair.

4. Your fine curly hair loses its bounce. One of the telltale signs of needing a haircut for woman with curly hair is that it loses its bounce. Once tight, bouncy curls become loose waves. By reshaping your style, your hair will go back to it’s luscious, bouncy self.

5. Your hair is limp and lacking volume. Damaged hair gets flat at the roots and doesn’t bounce as much as healthy hair. This causes your hair to lay flat and pull your face down.

To schedule your haircut appointment with Salon De Beauty, call us today at (781) 340-4494 or fill out our appointment form.

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