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Protecting Your Hair and Scalp This Summer

hat on beachEveryone knows that it’s important to protect your skin from the sun, but what about your scalp and hair? Whether you’re going to the beach or just heading off to work, when you apply sunscreen to your face and body, make it a habit to include your hair and scalp as well.

Why Do I Need to Protect my Hair?

When it makes its way through your scalp, your hair is considered a non-living thing. This is why it doesn’t burn when the sun hits it. While we might not get a painful sunburn on our hair, it can still be damaging. When you don’t protect your hair from the sun, you’re left with dry, dull and brittle locks. What make it even more damaging is if you take a dip in a pool or the ocean because of the dry effects that salt and chlorine have.

How Can I Protect My Hair?

Applying sunblock to your scalp and hair is the best way to protect from the sun, but that can leave you feeling greasy. Wear a hat that covers your hair or tuck any longer pieces under to keep them out of the sun. If you would rather use a product, make sure the formula uses UVA and UVB protection.

To protect your scalp, be sure to use SPF on any areas that are exposed, especially where you part your hair. Not only can you get skin cancer on your scalp, but UV rays can also negatively affect your hair growth.

Protecting Your Scalp

Wearing a hat is the best form of protecting from damaging UV rays. If you’re not outside much or are looking for a different solution, try a hairstyle like a bun or ponytail. For any hairstyles with a part, make sure you apply sunscreen throughout the day to protect the exposed skin.

For more tips on your hair and how you can protect it from the sun, contact Salon de Beauty by calling us at 781-340-4494!

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