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Prom Hairstyles Ideas for 2016

It’s spring and tis the season for prom! As your special day quickly approaches and your dress and accessories all picked out, your only worry is now what to do with your hair! There are countless of hairstyles that you could try for prom, here are four prom hairdos that could be the match for you!

Up-dos: Want to show off the details on the back of your prom dress or is it backless? Accent your prom dress with a fancy up-do! Up-dos will help keep your hair out of your face while dancing and taking pictures.  No one will miss any details on your dress or accessories with a low chignon bun or a chic top knot.

Curls: Keep it classy by keeping your hair down with finger waves or loose curls.  Try a glamorous look with big, voluminous curls by teasing the top and sweeping your hair to the side. Show off your hair’s natural elegance and get the elegant look you are looking for!

Half-up: This type of hairstyle looks great if you have a lot of details on the front of your dress. Go for a half up style with curls so everyone can admire your dress as well as your beautiful face! Tie the whole look together with a crystal clip that accents the details on your prom dress.

Braids: Add texture to your hair if you will be going to prom in a simple dress! For a natural hairstyle, have your hair in chunky French braids for a feminine touch or boxer braids to add a little edge to your prom look. Make sure to pair this look with simple accessories for an organic look.

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