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Prevent Winter Hair Static

There are many reasons to enjoy the winter however hair static is not one of them! The low temperatures and the dry air of the winter weather combined with a lack of moisture in your hair contributes to static hair.  Here are some solutions to finally prevent static hair this winter!

Dryer Sheets: By swiping your hair with a dryer sheet will reduce hair static. Keep a packet of dryer sheets in your bathroom and rub a sheet through your hair in the morning to prevent hair static. Putting a dryer sheet in your pillowcase also can help with stop hair static.

Lotion: Rubbing lotion on the ends of your hair might sound unappealing but by doing so, it will help prevent static in your hair and avoid greasiness. All you need is just a dime-sized amount of lotion to lather it on the dry ends of your hair to stop hair static!

No Plastic Combs: Using a plastic brush or comb will actually make the static worse. Using a metal brush will help reduce the static in your hair. In addition, combs with wider teeth can produce less static compared to ones with teeth that are closer together.

Hair Oil: By using hair oil, like Argan Oil, it can aid in not just hair related issues like static, but with skin related issues as well! While it may seem absurd to put oil on your hair, it actually replaces essential moistures that are slowly stripped during the cleaning and styling process. While your hair is slightly damp, rub a few drops of oil through your hair so the dry air doesn’t damage your beautiful locks.

Iconic Hair Dryers: An iconic hair dryer will neutralize the electric charge that creates static in the first place. These hair dryers will also dry your hair faster which is a plus for all busy women!

For more information on how to tame winter hair, check out our blog post! In need of a new haircut or want just a trim this winter? Contact Salon De Beauty at 781-340-4494 or use our contact form to make an appointment with us today!

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