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Our Best Summer Beauty Tips

We’re at the halfway mark of summer and with many hot and humid days ahead of us, we’ve put together our best summer beauty tips to help you stay protected from harmful UV rays, look your best, and keep your skin looking healthy.


1. Wear sunscreen every day. Skincare and beauty companies have made it easier than ever to incorporate SPF into your every day routine. Many of your go-to products now come in SPF versions, so you don’t have to waste your time testing the waters with new products.

2. Don’t forget primer. When you’re going to be outside a large majority of the day, don’t forget to apply a primer before starting your typical makeup routine. A good primer will keep your makeup in place all day long, no matter the weather.

3. Exfoliate your skin. Although this is something you should be doing on a regular basis no matter what season it is, it’s especially important over the summer months. Exfoliating your skin removes dead skin cells that are more prevalent when your skin is dry, especially when brought on from sunburns and tans. By exfoliating, your skin will feel smoother and appear more radiant.

4. When taking a shower, shave your legs last. Warm water softens the hair shaft, so waiting a few minutes to shave will allow for a closer and long-lasting, smooth shave.

5. Sleep on a silk pillowcase. Not only will a silk pillowcase keep you cooler than a cotton pillowcase during the hot summer months, but they’re better for the skin, reduce the amount of weather-induced frizz, and help your blowout last longer! It’s a win-win-win.

6. Use a self tanner. UV rays are extremely damaging to your skin and cause problems down the road. Skip the sun and use a self tanner from head to toe to achieve that summer sun kissed look. Moisturize daily to keep your self tan lasting longer!

7. Invest in a moisturizer. Your skin can get extremely dehydrated in the hot summer months. By using a moisturizer, you are re-hydrating your skin and it also makes it feel soft and smooth! Most brands have come out with in-shower moisturizers, making it that much easier to quench your skins thirst.

8. Opt for a cream eye shadow. Cream-based eye shadows are longer-lasting and more water resistant than your typical powder eye shadow and will stay in place better when you’re hot and sweaty. When traveling, opt for a lighter color (such as a light pink shimmer) and use it as a blush and highlighter as well! Less makeup products to pack.

To learn more about our summer beauty tips or to set up a hair cut appointment to kick off the second half of summer, give us a call today at (781) 340-4494.

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