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Nail Salon in South Shore’s Weymouth MA

nail polishAt our beauty salon, we have a full scale nail salon that is open seven days a week; you can make an appointment, but we also accept and encourage walk-ins!

At our nail salon, you can choose between manicures, pedicures, acrylics, gels and silk wraps.

Manicures: We offer everything from polish change to spa manicures, ranging from $6 to $21. Whether you are getting ready for a wedding or a special event, or if you’re just in need of a quick polish change, our nail specialists will give you the look you are looking for. We have a variety of colors that will go well with any outfit and event!

Pedicures: Similar to our manicures, we offer everything from polish change to Regular Mani & Spa Pedi; all over our pedicure services range from $8 to $45. You can get matching finger and toenails, or switch things up by getting different colors. If you’re attending a wedding, it might be a good idea to get matching toes and fingers that will go well with your outfit! Pedicures can also improve the health of both your nails and feet; a nice relax and spa will do the trick in helping to rest your feet!

Acrylics: This is the perfect product for those clients who can’t seem to grow their nails; it is also good for those nail biters! Biting your nails for years and years, will eventually kill you nail beds; the only way to get those nice long nails is with our acrylics services and products! We do refills, repairs, trimming and more! Whether you’re looking for short, medium or long nails, we will help you find that perfect and comfortable length!

Gels: Our gel products will help bring out the color and look of your nails; it will help them stand out! We have a variety of gel products, as well as colors, that will fit the look and style of all our clients. We can change the color, refill the gels, repair the gels, and more!

Silk Wraps: Silk Wraps will help bring out the color of your nails, as well as help the color last longer than regular manicures/pedicures.

Our nail salon is open seven days a week, and we are located at 624 Middle Street, Weymouth MA. For more information or to schedule an appointment, please give the salon a call at 781-340-4494.

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