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How to Prevent & Remove Split Ends

Split ends are the worst! Here are a few tips to avoid and remove them! Don’t worry, Salon De Beauty will help you fight the outbreak of split ends!!

Tip One:

How do you know if you have split ends? There are, three types of splits:

  1. The common end split
  2.  Splits that occur multiple times up and down one strand of hair
  3. Finally, a split that occurs in the middle of the hair strand.

Tip Two:

Only use hear shears when you’re removing these split ends; paper scissors can seriously harm your hair and cause more splits down the road.

Tip Three:

Get your hair cut on a regular basis; for most people this means every six to eight weeks. No matter how well you take care of your hair, after a certain time, damage will start to occur. Every two months or so, you should have at least 1/4 to an inch cut! Cutting your hair regularly will remove the damaged hair, as well as split ends.

Tip Four:

Don’t rely on products to remove split ends; yes, these products are a great coverup, and they do an excellent job in hiding the split ends, however, they do not reverse the problem!

These are just a few of the tips to help prevent and remove split ends!

To schedule a hair appointment with Salon De Beauty, please give the salon a call at 781-340-4494. We are looking forward to helping you achieve and maintain healthy hair!


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