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How to Maintain Your Color Treated Hair

Whether you color your hair blonde, brunette, orange, or purple, maintaining your color treated hair is a priority for most individuals to help maximize the amount of time between colors. There’s nothing worse than spending money coloring your hair, not maintaining it, and having your color fade after a few short weeks.

1. Wait a full 72-hours before shampooing

When you color your hair, the cuticle layer opens for the color to better penetrate the hair shaft. The cuticle layer can take up to three days to complete close completely, so washing your hair during this time frame can make the color wash out of your hair. Wait to shampoo your hair for 72 hours post-color to allow your hair to soak up as much color as possible.

2. Use a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner

Sulfate is present in numerous beauty products and is the ingredient that allows soaps and shampoos to foam. Sulfates will strip the natural moisture and oils out of your hair and if your hair is color treated, they can even strip the color out of your hair. A sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner will help avoid fading of your new color.

3. Use lukewarm water when shampooing your hair

Hot water opens the cuticles of your hair causing the color to escape while shampooing and conditioning. When you’re washing your hair, turn the shower temperature down to avoid washing all of the color out of your hair. Once your down washing, turn the water down until it’s cold to seal the moisture from your conditioner into the cuticle.

4. Spread out hair washes

Spreading out the days in between hair washes is very beneficial for your hair. It’ll leave it softer, shinier, and will allow it to grow in length and thickness. If you have color-treated hair, it’s even more important to spread out the time between washes to avoid your color from fading. In between washes, utilize dry shampoo to keep your hair looking fresh.

5. Use leave-in conditioner

Leave-in conditioner will give your color treated hair the extra hydration and protection that it needs. Leave-in conditioner will keep your hair smooth, hydrated, and will offer UV protection.

6. Use heat protectant before using tools

Whether or not you have color-treated hair, using a heat protectant before using any heat tools (i.e. straightener, curling iron, blow dryer) on your hair is extremely important. Heat will strip your hair of moisture and will lead to hair damage. A heat protectant will keep the moisture in your cuticle and keep your style smooth.

7. Avoid chlorine

Chlorine is extremely damaging to your hair and will strip your hair of it’s color. Chlorine will cause your hair to become dry, dull, cause it to lose its shine. Blonde hair is more susceptible to damage – not only will the color will be striped but it can also turn green.

8. Prep your hair before your next color

Before your next color, use a clarifying shampoo to reduce build up to help the color penetrate the hair shaft.

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