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How to Handle Bangs in the Summer

girl with bangsSummer time is the perfect time for a new do. The time to say good bye to your old winter locks and say hello to something new. One of the latest celebrity trends this summer is long fringe bangs. So if you are thinking about getting bangs, or already have them, and are looking for help on how to style them this summer have no fear. Here are some helpful tips on how to keep your bangs fun and fresh all summer long!

One must have tool for people with bangs is dry shampoo. This handy spray will keep your bangs looking full and fresh even in the most humid of heat. Spray a little bit underneath your bangs before going out to create a barrier between your forehead and your hair. The dry shampoo helps to block the oil from your hair to your forehead and vice versa, which often results in limp greasy looking bangs which nobody wants.Another thing to avoid is using conditioner on your bangs. These hairs are fairly new and located closer to the root which means they do not need conditioner like the rest of your head.

When you are at the salon opt for lighter fringe bangs instead of the heavier look. The lighter style is perfect for summer because it is easier to take care of and can be pushed to the side during hot humid days. Longer bangs are in style but to avoid looking like a shaggy dog trim your bangs often. Of course you will not have time to go to the salon every time you want to trim your bangs so get comfortable trimming them yourself. Use your fingers to straighten them in front of your eyes then cut them longer on the edges near your temples and shorter closer towards the middle.

Another helpful tip when trying to tame bangs during the humid season is a blow dryer. To avoid the kinking, curling in all different directions take action early. Bangs should be the first thing you blow dry when you get out of the shower, use a rounded brush to give them a smooth look. And finally if the humidity is just too much for your bangs to handle pull them back. There are tons of cute headbands and head wraps that are perfect for pulling hair out of your face while staying on trend.Bangs in the summer can be a daunting idea but they don’t have to be. Keep these few tips in mind and you will be able to rock beautiful bangs all summer long.

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