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How to Brush Hair Extensions
Brushing Hair

Hair extensions get a bad reputation for being damaging to your hair, but the hair extensions themselves aren’t actually damaging. Issues typically arise when if the wrong type of extension is selected for your hair type, the hair stylist doesn’t teach you how to properly care for your extensions, or if the extensions are put in wrong. The most common issue that arises is hair extensions not being taken care of properly, and more specifically, not brushed correctly. Although, all of the issues are easily avoidable!

Tips to Avoid a Disaster:

  • Use a hair brush that does not have the little balls at the end of the bristles
  • Purchase and utilize hair clips that are strong and hold your hair out of the way
  • A great detangler spray to help reduce and get out any knots
  • Brush your hair regularly (curl hair – before & after showering; straight hair – before & after sleeping, before & after showering) to keep your hair looking healthy and tangle free

How to Properly Brush Hair Extensions:

  1. Section your hair into one inch sections & clip them away from your face
  2. Stating with the first one inch section, start brushing your hair from the bottom and work your way up to the root
  3. Once you get to the root, brush through the bonds (you’ll hear a ripping noise, but it’s just the brush going over the bonds)
  4. Once the hair is loose and brushed through, work your way through the remaining one inch sections
  5. If you have any knots, spray detanger on them before brushing through them

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