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Hair Retouched & Coloring for New Client

A customer, who just moved to Weymouth a few months ago, has been a regular at our nail salon; every so often she gets a manicure and a pedicure. Since she liked our manicures and pedicures so much, she decided to give our hair services a try!

She asked one of our stylist, John, for a hair retouch and a semi permanent color over her blonde hair; John told her of course, and sat her down in a chair and began his masterpiece!

She said that she did a great job, and that she absolutely loved it; John was able to make her blonde pop a little more than it was before the touch up!

Her name was Lauren, and she was so happy with the outcome of her hair that she said she would be back soon! Take a look at her review on Yelp!

We always love hearing positive feedback from our clients! All of our stylists, whether they are manicurists, hair stylists, or whatever, work hard and train even harder to give clients the type of style the are looking for!

To book an appointment with Salon De Beauty, please feel free to give the salon a call at 781-340-4494; we also take walk-ins so feel free to stop by the salon whenever you have the chance, we will find an opening for you!

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