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Fall Nail Trends 2015

Summer has flown by this year but that’s okay since now we can rock those moodier color palettes and wear our leather jackets and layered sweaters once more! The best accessory for this coming fall to accent your new fall look is a fresh manicure. Here are the top five nail trends to try out this fall!

  • Rounded Nails- The stiletto nails and square nails are taking the back seat while rounded nails are front row and center this season! Rounded nails look chic, refined and down to earth. Add an amazing colored lacquer to it and now you will have gorgeous nails that are ready to wear to school and work!
  • Short Nails- Rounded short nails are the idea trend for this coming fall! This look is for the working women who run into chipped nails frequently so that they can have beautiful nails that are intact wherever they go! Keep the nails short with a pop of color in the shades of blue, grey, red and even neutral!
  • Negative Space- One of the biggest nail trends that have been going on this spring and summer has transitioned into fall and winter! Essentially the style of this look is where your un-colored nails show through some areas while using cut outs shapes with bold lacquers.  There is a variety of styles to choose, from chevron to a complex geometric shape to simple half-moons on the nail can create an edgy but chic vibe.
  • Matte Nails- Not all nail polish applications need to be shiny or sparkly, the matte nails have made a statement over the years and is here to stay! Matte nails make an interesting look by adding a graphic design of a shiny swirl on matte background. Or keep it simpler with just the color painted in a matte lacquer and add negative space with no embellishments.
  • Metallic and Jewel tones- These hues will look great in fall and will compliment any look from day to night! With hues of emerald, sapphire, ruby or garnet reds and golds can make your nails look rich and elegant. Add a little shimmer or even add artistic line designs to add a unique twist to this trend.

Diversity is what is in this coming 2015 fall and it satisfies to the style needs of those who likes a more minimalistic look and to those addicted to wearing intricate nail arts as well.  Whichever trend you decide to follow, wear it with confidence and show them off to your peers! Come by Salon De Beauty so we can help you get your nails up to date for the fall or call us at 781-340-4494 to make an appointment!

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