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Fall Hair Trends for 2016

Fall is here, it’s time to change up your look for the new school year! Look your best this season and try out these new hairstyle trends to complete your look for the day or night.

Texture: Curly, wavy or crimped, as long as it has big movement and it’s kept natural is the key to making this hairstyle work! If you are someone who wants a low maintenance style, go with natural textures, curls and volume for your hair.

Knots: The over-used ponytail is out this season and replaced with chicer and a more contained hairstyle this fall. With many design choices, Knots offer styles from intricate twists to messy loops to sleek chignons to match any outfit or mood.

Waves:  This season it’s all about making waves! Throw your hair in loose buns or braids before you sleep and unwind them once you wake up or during your commute to work! This easy hairstyle lets you achieve that sexy, disheveled bedhead look. Create a center part with this hairstyle to give you a softer, cooler look.

Antique Accessories: Hair accessories this fall is leading to a more renaissance royalty feel.  Try a sleek middle part with baroque headbands to complete your fall look. To opt for a simpler version, pin your side bangs up with some jeweled Bobbies instead.

Switch up your look for fall with these awesome trends for school or work! Contact Salon De Beauty at 781-340-4494 or use our contact form to try out these new hairstyles this season!

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