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Essential Hair Care Tips for the Summer

While summer is here you’ll be spending a lot of time outside which can cause UV damage to your hair. The sun’s rays can damage your hair’s protective protein by oxidizing the color making it come out brassy, wipes out shine, and leaves hair dry and brittle. Protect your hair this summer with these simple tips below!

Humidity: Humidity during the summer can wreak havoc to your hair no matter what type it is. Make sure to use conditioner, one that’s lightweight but has a lot of moisture to combat the humidity.

Swimming: To prevent chlorine from getting in your hair strands, rinse and condition your hair before getting into the pool! Chlorine can dry out your hair so be sure to tie it up or wear a swimming cap to keep it from getting wet.

Hats: If you have color treated hair or damaged hair, its best to wear a hat when spending time outdoors. A hat will help block the sun’s UV rays from your face and hair and keep it healthy.

Hydrated: Drink plenty of water. Water will not only help replenish your body but it will help keep your hair looking healthy and shiny this season.

Hair Sunscreen: Protect your scalp just like the rest of your body and put on sunscreen.  Have extra protection on your head by applying SPF to your head.

Make an appointment with Salon De Beauty to get the summer hair you always envisioned by calling us at 781-340-4494. Get a quick trim so your hair can look fresh and clean or get a deep conditioning treatment so your hair can shine like it’s suppose to!

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