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The Difference Between Permanent & Semi-Permanent Hair Color

girl with pink hairAre you looking to color your hair? Before you make a choice, we think you should know the difference between permanent and semi permanent hair color; I’m sure you can tell the difference between the two just by looking at the words, but we’re here to tell you the pros of each, to better help you weigh your options!

Coloring your hair yourself is risky, and you certainly can’t get both permanent and semi permanent out of a box; let us help you choose a hair color that goes well with your skin tone!

Are you looking to cover grey hair? Let’s go over permanent v.s. semi:

Permanent Hair Color: This will effectively cover grey all of your grey hair. It will also create roots that are the color you choose. Once you choose a color you have have to stick with it; it’s not like it can be washed out if you’re unhappy. (Not to worry though, we will help you choose a color, and we will weigh out all of your options before you make a choice, so that you’re happy with the final result!)

Semi-Permanent Hair Color: This will stain the grey, without creating roots; this is a fun way to test out colors to see what they look like. These colors will washout eventually, within 6-8 weeks. If you’re hesitant to choose a color, you should go with a semi-permanent option, until you’re absolutely certain you want to go with a certain color!

For all our our hair color clients, our staff will go over all the options, and help you choose a color that will go well with your skin tone and style. Whenever you’re dying your hair, you’re never alone in the decision! We will be with you every step of the way, offering a guiding hand to make sure you choose the right color.

If you’re interested in our hair coloring services, please feel free to give Salon De Beauty a call at 781-340-4494. We also accept walk ins! We are looking forward to helping you choose your next hair color!


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