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What is the Difference between a Cut & Trim?

hair cutMore often than not, we have had customers ask us what the difference between a trim and a cut is; for us, the service is pretty much the same thing, we go through the same motions and follow pretty much the same steps for both services.

However, from a customer’s standpoint, there is a small difference between the two services; the main difference is how much we take verses how much we leave.

For trims, we are cutting less and leaving more, while a cut is just the opposite. With that said, many customers wonder why these two services cost the same (or close to the same price). Like we mentioned above, whether we’re doing a trim or a cut, the stylists is still going through all of the same motions; we blend, we style and we balance.

No matter what you call it, our goal is to help you find a style that you absolutely love; so before we begin cutting your hair, we will have a conversation about your goals and how you want your hair to look. Some customer bring pictures of what they want their hair to look like; this can be very helpful so we have some to refer back to.

So whether you want a trim or a cut, our expert stylists will help you find and produce a great look and style that is completely yours!

For more information about our hair services, please give Salon De Beauty a call at 781-340-4494. We accept appointments and walk-ins! We’re also located in Weymouth MA and we’re open seven days a week!

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