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Balayage 101


Are you ready to switch up your hair style but aren’t ready to commit to the salon chair every 4-6 weeks? Balayage has been around for a long time but has became increasingly popular over the last couple of years. The technique offers natural color with low maintenance and gorgeous results. But, what exactly is it? What is Balayage? Balayage is a French word, meaning “to paint.” This technique requires applying the color in a sweeping motion to the hair, offering natural, sun-kissed color with soft regrowth lines. This highlighting technique grows out naturally and requires limited maintenance.\ Will Balayage Work on My Hair? The wonderful thing about balayage is that it [...]

Gel Manicures & Pedicures

Is it worth spending the extra few dollars and updating to a gel manicure/pedicure, instead of choosing the traditional manicure? Well, we will give you the details, and you can decide for yourself! For one, gel manis/pedis last a lot longer and are less prone to chipping than regular manicures; with that being said, the work that goes into providing a gel manicure is a little more complex! We add a base coat, top coat, gel polish, cleanser, and then a few minutes under an LED light. If you have the patience, gel manicures are certainly worth the wait! Let’s go over some of the pros: Chip-free Last up to [...]

What is the Difference between a Cut & Trim?

More often than not, we have had customers ask us what the difference between a trim and a cut is; for us, the service is pretty much the same thing, we go through the same motions and follow pretty much the same steps for both services. However, from a customer’s standpoint, there is a small difference between the two services; the main difference is how much we take verses how much we leave. For trims, we are cutting less and leaving more, while a cut is just the opposite. With that said, many customers wonder why these two services cost the same (or close to the same price). Like we [...]

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