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Gel Manicures & Pedicures

Is it worth spending the extra few dollars and updating to a gel manicure/pedicure, instead of choosing the traditional manicure? Well, we will give you the details, and you can decide for yourself! For one, gel manis/pedis last a lot longer and are less prone to chipping than regular manicures; with that being said, the work that goes into providing a gel manicure is a little more complex! We add a base coat, top coat, gel polish, cleanser, and then a few minutes under an LED light. If you have the patience, gel manicures are certainly worth the wait! Let’s go over some of the pros: Chip-free Last up to [...]

What is the Difference between a Cut & Trim?

More often than not, we have had customers ask us what the difference between a trim and a cut is; for us, the service is pretty much the same thing, we go through the same motions and follow pretty much the same steps for both services. However, from a customer’s standpoint, there is a small difference between the two services; the main difference is how much we take verses how much we leave. For trims, we are cutting less and leaving more, while a cut is just the opposite. With that said, many customers wonder why these two services cost the same (or close to the same price). Like we [...]

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