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Tanning Salon in Weymouth MA

Winter is finally behind us, and summer is around the corner; it’s time to come out of hibernation and get some color Here at Salon De Beauty, we have a state of the art tanning salon located in the back of our building; we offer a variety of services from spray, all the way up to tanning booths. Here is a quick list of some of the tanning services we provide to our South Shore clients: Sun Star (20 min 3 facial lamps) Super Cyclone (8 min booth) Star Power (4 Facial Lamps, 12 min. bed) Super Sonic (Deepest, Darkest, 7 min Booth) Airbrush Tan (Full Service, UV-Free) Future Sun [...]

Student Discounts for Tanning in Weymouth MA

Here at Salon de Beauty we offer student discounts at our tanning salon! If a student has a valid student ID they are eligible for a 15% discount!! Just because summer is over, and we’re entering winter, doesn’t mean you should let your tan fade! Students are just about to be on winter break, now’s the time to take full advantage of this 15% tanning discount. We offer a variety of tanning products, from spray tan, to lamps and booths. We also offer different packages that will help you achieve the shade you are looking for. Check out some of the packages below: Sun Star: 20 Minutes, Three Facial Lamps. Single [...]

Tanning Salon in Weymouth MA

Just because summer is over, doesn’t mean you should lose your tan! Here at Salon de Beauty, we have a full service tanning salon located in the back of our salon! We have everything from spray tans, to tanning lamps and beds, all the way up to tanning booths! Keep that gorgeous summer tan during the fall and winter seasons! We offer great prices, and even have some packaged deals that will help you save money. One of our best deals is a 15% college student discount; please have a valid college ID and present it during checkout! Some of our tanning packages include: Sun Star: 20 minute sessions with [...]

Tanning in Weymouth MA

Summer is here, it’s time to get that nice color back! Our tanning salon is open seven days a week, we have great deals to help you get that color back before beach season! We have a variety of deals and packages to fit the budget of all our clients! Whether you are looking for a spray tan, or a tanning bed, we have it all! We have anything from 7 minute sessions to 20 minute sessions! We have beds, lamps, booths, and spray tans; try all the different types, until you find the one you like! We also offer a 15% discount with valid college IDs! To schedule an [...]

How to Keep a Tan during Winter

As you already know, summer has been long over, and we are in the middle of winter. Just because we’re in the middle of winter, does not mean you can let your tan disappear! Here at Salon De Beauty, we have a huge tanning salon on our beauty shop in Weymouth MA. We have all types of tanning beds, and spray tan options, at prices that are out of this world! We offer great package deals, as well as college discounts (as long as you have a valid college ID). To take a look at the different packages we offer, click here! Here at Salon De Beauty, walk-ins are always [...]

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