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Treat Yourself at Our Day Spa

Here at Salon De Beauty, we are your one stop beauty shop; we have everything from hair and nail services, to tanning, all the way up to facials and massages! If you’re looking for a break from the kids or holiday shopping, stop by our day spa for a day of relaxation! At our day spa you can get your nails done, maybe a facial, and finish the day off with a nice relaxing massage! We offer a number of facial options, including: European Mini Back Photo Therapy and more! Or maybe you’re looking to wax just before you host your whole family for the holidays. We offer all types [...]

Day Spa in South Shore’s Weymouth MA

After a long summer of running after your kids, dropping them off and picking them up from their friends, it’s time for you to relax! Salon De Beauty invites you to come spend the day at our day spa, and enjoy a nice relaxing day with a massage, facial, and maybe even get your hair done! Back to school means you have more time for yourself; more time to relax! At Salon De Beauty, you will find we have a lot to offer; whether you’re in need of a massage, facial, a tan, a new hair cut, or maybe all of the above, our specialists will get the job done! [...]

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