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2016 Summer Hair Trends to Try

It is the perfect season to go bold with your hairstyle! Change up your look with these new hairstyle trends that’s hot this summer.   Color Bleed Hair:  This style has high end blended colors that fade from one color to the other towards the top which looks great if you want try bold, bright colors in your hair! This type of shade works great in a work environment but gives you a lot of versatility to try different looks. Snowlights: If you want to give your hair more dimension, try getting snowlights! Stylists add shimmering pieces of pale blonde scattered across the top of your head making it look [...]

New Hair Color Trends for Spring 2015

The terrible winter of 2015 is over, and spring is in full effect! Now that you’re out of hibernation, maybe it’s time for a new hair color! Here are some of the hottest hair colors for the spring season! The new hair color trend seems to be moving away from bold hues, and gravitating towards a more natural look! Baby Blond: This more white toned hue is the new way to do blond; we are seeing the trend move away from the ever popular platinum color. This is a great color for shorter hair, or hair that falls just short of shoulder length.  Toffee Blond: This is more of a buttery blond [...]

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