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Spring Nail Trends of 2016

Time to get rid of those winter gloves and prepare your hands for the warmer weather! Spring is finally here, style your nails with the latest spring trends of 2016 listed below! Nude: This season, beige is in! Pick a nude color with pink undertones so it feels warmer. Beige tones tend to flatter any skin tone and can go with any ensemble in your closet. Flesh-toned nails look sophisticated, clean and well groomed, try it this spring! Detailed Nude Nails: If nude is too boring for your taste, try adding subtle details like painting a square over your nails with a sheer colored polish to give it an extra [...]

Gel Manicures & Pedicures

Is it worth spending the extra few dollars and updating to a gel manicure/pedicure, instead of choosing the traditional manicure? Well, we will give you the details, and you can decide for yourself! For one, gel manis/pedis last a lot longer and are less prone to chipping than regular manicures; with that being said, the work that goes into providing a gel manicure is a little more complex! We add a base coat, top coat, gel polish, cleanser, and then a few minutes under an LED light. If you have the patience, gel manicures are certainly worth the wait! Let’s go over some of the pros: Chip-free Last up to [...]

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