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2016 Summer Hair Trends to Try

It is the perfect season to go bold with your hairstyle! Change up your look with these new hairstyle trends that’s hot this summer.   Color Bleed Hair:  This style has high end blended colors that fade from one color to the other towards the top which looks great if you want try bold, bright colors in your hair! This type of shade works great in a work environment but gives you a lot of versatility to try different looks. Snowlights: If you want to give your hair more dimension, try getting snowlights! Stylists add shimmering pieces of pale blonde scattered across the top of your head making it look [...]

Prom Hairstyles Ideas for 2016

It’s spring and tis the season for prom! As your special day quickly approaches and your dress and accessories all picked out, your only worry is now what to do with your hair! There are countless of hairstyles that you could try for prom, here are four prom hairdos that could be the match for you! Up-dos: Want to show off the details on the back of your prom dress or is it backless? Accent your prom dress with a fancy up-do! Up-dos will help keep your hair out of your face while dancing and taking pictures.  No one will miss any details on your dress or accessories with a [...]

Spring Nail Trends of 2016

Time to get rid of those winter gloves and prepare your hands for the warmer weather! Spring is finally here, style your nails with the latest spring trends of 2016 listed below! Nude: This season, beige is in! Pick a nude color with pink undertones so it feels warmer. Beige tones tend to flatter any skin tone and can go with any ensemble in your closet. Flesh-toned nails look sophisticated, clean and well groomed, try it this spring! Detailed Nude Nails: If nude is too boring for your taste, try adding subtle details like painting a square over your nails with a sheer colored polish to give it an extra [...]

Prevent Winter Hair Static

There are many reasons to enjoy the winter however hair static is not one of them! The low temperatures and the dry air of the winter weather combined with a lack of moisture in your hair contributes to static hair.  Here are some solutions to finally prevent static hair this winter! Dryer Sheets: By swiping your hair with a dryer sheet will reduce hair static. Keep a packet of dryer sheets in your bathroom and rub a sheet through your hair in the morning to prevent hair static. Putting a dryer sheet in your pillowcase also can help with stop hair static. Lotion: Rubbing lotion on the ends of your [...]

New Look for the New Year

The new year is a great time for changes! You could go for a whole change in your look or just a subtle transformation. Start the new year with a new style from the top trends of 2016! Baby-Lights: This is a technique where fine strands of color are applied throughout your hair which makes your hair appear multidimensional and gives your natural hair color a boost. This trend is similar to last year’s balayage trend but baby-lights add natural looking highlights to your hair and makes for an easy upkeep. Ronze: This trend is specifically great for redheads and is an updated version of the ‘Bronde’ trend. Ronze works [...]

Tips to Avoid Dry Winter Hair

Winter is here to stay but your hair doesn’t have to suffer from it! The cold air from outside and the heated air indoors strip your hair from its moisture leaving it dry, brittle, and causing breakage. Here are some tips to keep your hair moisturized and to avoid dry winter hair! Wash Less- When you wash your hair less, more moisture can be kept in your hair. Not washing your hair often might make some hair feel oily so try using dry shampoo if your hair feels too greasy. Comb the dry shampoo from the root of your hair to about an inch down so the comb can remove [...]

Tame Your Hair!

Has your hair become frizzy, thick, dry and just an unmanageable mess recently after the summer? Luckily there’s a way to fix your damaged hair at Salon De Beauty for the coming seasons! With our Juvexin smoothing treatment our professional hairstylists can help you get the shiny, silky hair you always had or wanted! Juvexin is a revolutionary hair care development that is derived of a special blend of proteins and peptides from sheep’s wool developed to protect and repair the properties in your hair that makes it frizz-free, healthy and vibrant. The Juvexin protein is similar to keratin, the protein found in human hair, allowing hair to be stronger [...]

Benefits of Body Massages

Have you been stressing over work or personal issues and need some time to yourself? Well, there are a variety of benefits of body massages and one of them being a great stress reliever. The root cause of many illnesses are stress and tension so by relieving your stress, you can prevent potential health issues from occurring or deteriorating. Body massages helps with increasing endorphins in your body allowing you to feel relaxed and sleepy. Relieving tension on your body on a regular basis is a great method of reducing your stress and clearing your mind. Like how it sounds, body massages involves messaging from your head to all the [...]

The Perfect Haircut For Your Face Shape

Not sure on what hairstyle to choose for your next haircut? Need help deciding what looks best on you? A new haircut should always help minimize non-pleasing attributes on a person’s face and compliment positive ones, to bring perspective to the overall shape. Here are some tips to help you choose the most ideal hairstyle for your face frame! -Round Face: Avoid haircuts that will have your face look rounder. Short curly or wavy hair is not idea for those who have round faces but should opt for a cut right below the chin or longer instead. However if you have straight, wavy or fine hair and want to go [...]

Fall Nail Trends 2015

Summer has flown by this year but that’s okay since now we can rock those moodier color palettes and wear our leather jackets and layered sweaters once more! The best accessory for this coming fall to accent your new fall look is a fresh manicure. Here are the top five nail trends to try out this fall! Rounded Nails- The stiletto nails and square nails are taking the back seat while rounded nails are front row and center this season! Rounded nails look chic, refined and down to earth. Add an amazing colored lacquer to it and now you will have gorgeous nails that are ready to wear to school [...]

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