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Benefits of Dry Shampoo

For salon clients who either don’t have the time in the morning, have naturally oily hair or have to be somewhere after the gym, making sure your hair is washed can be a pain. If you don’t have the time, a good alternative is dry shampoo! It can transform your flat or greasy hair quick, without the hassle of jumping in the shower to wash. Here are a few other reasons why Salon de Beauty if a big fan of dry shampoo!

  • Get a glam look without all the effort. Create waves with a curling wand and finish by spraying dry shampoo on your roots. To hold onto that volume, finish with a light coating of hairspray.
  • With spring finally here, there’s a significant increase in rainy and humid weather, which will affect all types of hair. Prevent straight hair from falling flat by spraying your roots with dry shampoo after you have styled it. If you have curly hair, prevent that frizz by spraying down with a dry shampoo.
  • If it’s been a few days since you’ve washed your hair, it can look greasy and matted. Remove dirt and oil and prevent that greasy look by using dry shampoo.
  • Dry shampoo should be an essential for your gym bag, especially if you like to get your workout in during lunch and don’t have time to tend to your hair.

Dry shampoo is a great option for women and men that are always on the go or simply just want to revamp their hair! For more hair tips, contact the professionals at Salon de Beauty by calling us at 781-340-4494.

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