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Benefits of a Facial

facialWhile most clients enjoy receiving a facial treatment because it’s a time for them to relax and be pampered, there are plenty of benefits for your skin and health! When it comes to choosing the type of facial you want, this will depend on what results you’re looking to receive. From deep cleaning skin to relieving stress, there are many benefits of facials.

  1. Facial creams and other remedies used in a cleansing facial help to deep clean your skin and remove any toxins, like dirt or grease. Cleansing facials can help to decrease excess sebum, a natural substance that lubricates and moisturizes your skin. When sebum is overproduced, it can cause issues with your skin, like blackheads or acne. When you get a cleansing facial, it opens your skin’s pores, removes all the toxins, exfoliates your skin and leaves it feeling more firm.
  2. Receiving a facial helps to improve your skin’s circulation by restoring the flow of your oxygen filled blood to skin cells. The result of this is glowing skin and plump cells that can help to decrease the look of dry skin and wrinkles.
  3. While we can’t stop you from actually aging, we can help to slow the skin-aging process and provide you with more young-looking skin. Intense pulsed light is a laser treatment that helps in removing any dead skin and increasing the growth of collagen and cells.
  4. Not only will facials help to make you look better, but they actually feel good too! Because they increase circulation and include creams and oils, they can help to relieve stress and make you feel more at peace.

If you are interested in looking and feeling better, consider a facial with Salon de Beauty. Schedule your spa day by calling us at 781-340-4494 or by filling out our online contact form.


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