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5 Tips to Keep Your Hair Healthy


We all know one person in our lives that has perfect, shiny, and non-frizzy hair. It’s almost as though they’ve stepped out of the hair salon every time you see them. Although we might never have as perfect hair as they have, you can take small, easy steps to keep your hair looking healthy every day, even when you didn’t style it that morning! 1. Wash your hair sparingly When you wash your hair, the hair swells forcing the cuticle up. Overtime, this causes your hair to become frizzy and break. Whenever possible, skip a wash and embrace dry shampoo to remove grease and sweat. 2. Avoid hot showers & [...]

Signs You Need Your Hair Cut


Life gets busy and making hair appointments for every 6-weeks sometimes just isn’t feasible. When a woman gets a hair cut, it’s usually because one of two reasons – A. You no longer recognize yourself and you’re stuck with wearing your hair in a messy bun on top of your head every single day or B. Something major has happened in your life. To help your hair stay healthier and grow faster, it is important to get regular hair cuts but if you put them off, your hair is going to suffer. If you notice these 5 things, it’s time to make an appointment for a hair cut. 1. The [...]

Our Best Summer Beauty Tips


We’re at the halfway mark of summer and with many hot and humid days ahead of us, we’ve put together our best summer beauty tips to help you stay protected from harmful UV rays, look your best, and keep your skin looking healthy. 1. Wear sunscreen every day. Skincare and beauty companies have made it easier than ever to incorporate SPF into your every day routine. Many of your go-to products now come in SPF versions, so you don’t have to waste your time testing the waters with new products. 2. Don’t forget primer. When you’re going to be outside a large majority of the day, don’t forget to apply [...]

Beauty Tasks You Should Get in the Habit of Making

Regardless of your age, there are various beauty habits that you should follow on a daily basis. We understand that people get busy with work and personal things, but there are certain beauty tasks that you should incorporate in your everyday schedule. Salon de Beauty has put together a few tricks that you can work into your daily maintenance tasks. For our readers that wear makeup on a daily basis, it’s important that you are washing your face before you head to bed. If you forget to do this, there’s a good chance that you’re leaving makeup and dirt on your face. To achieve soft and radiant skin, use a [...]

Protecting Your Hair and Scalp This Summer

Everyone knows that it’s important to protect your skin from the sun, but what about your scalp and hair? Whether you’re going to the beach or just heading off to work, when you apply sunscreen to your face and body, make it a habit to include your hair and scalp as well. Why Do I Need to Protect my Hair? When it makes its way through your scalp, your hair is considered a non-living thing. This is why it doesn’t burn when the sun hits it. While we might not get a painful sunburn on our hair, it can still be damaging. When you don’t protect your hair from the [...]

Benefits of Dry Shampoo

For salon clients who either don’t have the time in the morning, have naturally oily hair or have to be somewhere after the gym, making sure your hair is washed can be a pain. If you don’t have the time, a good alternative is dry shampoo! It can transform your flat or greasy hair quick, without the hassle of jumping in the shower to wash. Here are a few other reasons why Salon de Beauty if a big fan of dry shampoo! Get a glam look without all the effort. Create waves with a curling wand and finish by spraying dry shampoo on your roots. To hold onto that volume, [...]

How Can I Protect My Hair From Damage in the Winter?

The combination of cold weather and dry, indoor heat can do a number on your hair, resulting in split ends and breakage. Most people think that breakage only happens in the summer, but it unfortunately can occur during the winter and to all hair types. To ensure your hair is looking fabulous all year long, here are a few precautions you can take! Itching and flaking skin occurs a lot more frequently in the winter. If you can, we recommend shampooing your hair a little less. If you have a more severe issue with flakes, use a dandruff specific shampoo. Watching what you eat and decreasing stress is also another [...]

Benefits of a Facial

While most clients enjoy receiving a facial treatment because it’s a time for them to relax and be pampered, there are plenty of benefits for your skin and health! When it comes to choosing the type of facial you want, this will depend on what results you’re looking to receive. From deep cleaning skin to relieving stress, there are many benefits of facials. Facial creams and other remedies used in a cleansing facial help to deep clean your skin and remove any toxins, like dirt or grease. Cleansing facials can help to decrease excess sebum, a natural substance that lubricates and moisturizes your skin. When sebum is overproduced, it can [...]

Using a Heat Spray to Protect Hair

Whether it’s a night out or a lunch date, your hair is your best accessory you have! Since we wear it every day, it’s important that you’re treating your hair carefully. When it comes to blow drying and straightening your hair, you should be using a heat protectant spray to ensure your hair is protected. To prevent hair from becoming damaged and to keep your hair’s natural shine and oils, you should be using a heat spray. Instead of burning your hair, your hair straightener or hair dryer will burn the product instead. If you dye or highlight your hair regularly, a heat spray will help protect your hair weakened [...]

Fall Hair Trends for 2016

Fall is here, it’s time to change up your look for the new school year! Look your best this season and try out these new hairstyle trends to complete your look for the day or night. Texture: Curly, wavy or crimped, as long as it has big movement and it’s kept natural is the key to making this hairstyle work! If you are someone who wants a low maintenance style, go with natural textures, curls and volume for your hair. Knots: The over-used ponytail is out this season and replaced with chicer and a more contained hairstyle this fall. With many design choices, Knots offer styles from intricate twists to [...]

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